The Pattern For Success

The Pattern For Success


Subject:  Pattern for Success – Casey’s Master Teachings on Building Network Marketing

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Description:  This audio bundle is a powerful collection of the classic Casey James Combden, “Pattern for Success.”  Recorded with author and Rich Dad advisor, Blair Singer, this cornerstone collection is the most important audio bundle you need to build your Network Marketing business.  Contained within the Pattern For Success are the intimate secrets that empower anyone to achieve success in the networking industry.  The original Pattern For Success was founded in the early 1970’s by Dexter Yeager and was expanded and mastered in the 1990’s as the industry evolved.  Casey produced and enhanced this pattern in the early building years of 1990 through 1995, as he exploded onto the scene of networking with the fastest growing organization in Canada.  With his proven success and outstanding passion, Casey went back to share the secrets with Dexter’s global organization and sold millions of audios around the world.  After recording audios for the global leaders, Casey created this master audio series in 2002 as the foundation of the InterBIZ Business System.  Casey launched a whole new level of intensity and wisdom in creating a cutting edge training system.  This original audio pack retailed at $149 which included a workbook to support the audio series.  During each audio you will be given tasks to complete to master each of the steps in the pattern.  These powerful custom audios were the first trainings given to a person who enrolled in the business and will support you in establishing the foundational skills you need to grow your networking business.  This “must-own” series is designed to give you the specifics of exactly what the Pattern For Success is along with the steps on how to learn it.

There are 9 audios included in this bundle and the titles are:

  • CIS-2001-Pattern For Success-1-Introduction
  • CIS-2002-Pattern For Success-2-The Dream
  • CIS-2003-Pattern For Success-3-The Commitment
  • CIS-2004-Pattern For Success-4-The List
  • CIS-2005-Pattern For Success-5-The Contact
  • CIS-2006-Pattern For Success-6-Show The Plan
  • CIS-2007-Pattern For Success-7-Follow Up Follow Through
  • CIS-2008-Pattern For Success-8-Counsel & Strategize
  • CIS-2009-The Pattern For Success

A zip file containing all of the bundled MP3s will be available after the purchase and from the My Account page, which is created upon checkout.  You can download these files up to 3 times for 5 days from the date of purchase.

Length: 8:59:06 Hours


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