The Pattern For Success Fast Start Program

The Pattern For Success Fast Start Program


Subject:  Pattern For Success – Mentoring on Pattern for Success Levels 1 & 2

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Product Description

Description: The Pattern For Success is the blueprint for building a successful, duplicatable Network Marketing business. In this 4-Week Fast Start Program you will learn the intimate secrets that will empower you to achieve success in the networking industry.

The original Pattern For Success was founded in the early 1970’s by Dexter Yeager and was expanded and mastered in the 1990’s as the industry evolved. Casey produced and enhanced this pattern in his early building years of 1990 through 1995 as he exploded onto the scene of networking with the fastest growing organization in Canada.

This content-rich program is designed to give you the specifics of exactly what the Pattern For Success is along with the steps on how to apply them to support you in establishing the foundational skills needed to grow your networking business.

Applying this proven system will take you from amateur to professional, from using the all-too-familiar “Spray and Pray” method of building your business to one that produces systematic, planned duplication and predictable success.

In this 4-week Fast Start program we will cover the 8 steps of the Pattern For Success: 

  • Step 1 – The Dream
  • Step 2 – The Commitment
  • Step 3 – The List
  • Step 4 – The Contact
  • Step 5 – Show The Plan
  • Step 6 – Follow-Up & Follow Through
  • Step 7 – Counsel & Strategize
  • Step 8 – Teach The Pattern

Through your experience you will learn:

  • How to use the Pattern For Success as a blueprint and problem-solving tool to keep you consistently moving in the right direction
  • The 5 things that will propel you in the direction of massive success
  • Who the best people are to speak to about your business to have the most amount of success with the least amount of effort
  • When the biggest opportunity to grow and accelerate your success happens
  • The fastest way to duplicate and grow your business saving you time, energy and effort

What you will receive:

  • Training and mentoring on the 8-steps of the Pattern For Success designed to support you in establishing the foundational skills you must have to grow a duplicatable network marketing business
  • Four group mentoring calls lead by a world renowned network marketing legend
  • Tasks to complete to master each of the steps of the Pattern
  • A recorded audio of each mentoring call

To bring this workshop to your team or business in person, contact Casey James Combden by phone at (866) 681-4888 or by email.


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