Casey’s Speaking for Orrin Woodward’s Team

Casey’s Speaking for Orrin Woodward’s Team


Subject:  Casey’s Speaking for Orrin Woodward’s Team in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Description:  This audio bundle is the vintage original Casey James Combden as an Executive Diamond.  Recorded in 2003, it includes some of the most powerful audios in Casey’s career.  This 3-day event with 15,000+ people in attendance was a powerful weekend where Casey spoke 5 times throughout the weekend.  The prime focus of these 5 talks was to create a master series of audios for the team on how to build a massive network marketing business.  In each talk, Casey peels back the layers of wisdom, insights and understandings to embrace the new people attending their first rally and the leaders looking to grow their business to the next level.  The powerful teachings and inspirational stories became key audios for the supportive growth of Orrin Woodward’s TEAM.  These audios supported 100,000’s of distributors as the TEAM business exploded in the mid 2000’s.  From the first audio, Casey’s light, fun-hearted stories and simple explanation about the business and its power welcomes new distributors to consider their future dreams with the business.  As the weekend progresses and the audience adapts to Casey’s teaching style, Casey turns up the heat with aggressive and in-your-face passion that ignites the crowd.  The stories and teachings are the secrets to growing a global business fast. The heart of true passion is evident and expressed in the laughter, nuggets of wisdom and powerful personal stories that reveal the true secrets of what makes a network marketing legend. If you’re looking for an audio bundle laced with nugget after nugget on the secrets of network marketing, then this is for you.  Power, Wisdom and Passion is the spirit of this exclusive collection.  There are 5 audios included in this bundle and the titles are:

  • CHS 33-You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know -2003
  • CHS 34-Take it Professionally -2003
  • CHS 35-Gut It Up & Get Going -2003
  • CHS 36-Becoming Referable -2003
  • CHS 37-One Liners and a Hamster -2003

A zip file containing all of the bundled MP3s will be available after the purchase and from the My Account page, which is created upon checkout.  You can download these files up to 3 times for 5 days from the date of purchase.

Length: 5:11:31 Hours

NOTE 1:  These recordings have been reproduced from the original audio cassettes and the quality is not that of today’s standards.  The audios are quite audible; however, they are original cassette classics and therefore sound as such.


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