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Casey James Combden is a dynamic Human Potential Specialist with an expertise in advanced awareness for entrepreneurs and leaders in the network marketing industry. He is sought for his understanding of the human psyche and proven ability to help the best get better.

As Master Practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnosis and a certified trainer of DISC, KOLBE, and Human Potential Life Map technologies, Casey brings energy and expertise to moving thousands of people to take action in all environments. He uses these systems along with other traditional and esoteric modalities to empower business owners, leaders, and individuals to become deeply aware of their “Unique Ability” and move their potential into action and results.

Casey has owned and consulted to 25+ businesses over the past 10 years spanning the financial services, wealth management and corporate structuring, internet, health and wellness, publishing, wholesale, real estate, venture capital, and automotive and trucking industries just to name a few.

An author of 5 books, Casey appeared in the movie “Pass It On” (a sequel to “The Secret”), and has spoken in front of millions in conventions around the world. He created a sales training and recruiting organization of 250,000+ people that rivals the largest companies in the world.

Casey is a passionate entrepreneur who empowers leaders and individuals to grow their businesses, regardless of industry. Casey’s vast experience and commitment to excellence shows up in his passionate speaking and coaching style that’s sure to leave you challenged and aware of your potential.

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